Flirting Signs for Men

Published: 30th November 2008
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Everyone experiences flirting at some stage in their life whether it is intentional or not. Flirting plays a key role in finding a very special person which could result in a successful relationship, therefore the importance of knowing how to flirt and recognising flirting signs cannot be underestimated. Flirting signs are similar for both men and women, although some are suited more to men and others are suited more to women. Not all flirting signs are obvious; some are very subtle and are often missed, so it is vital that you learn how to recognise when a woman is flirting with you otherwise you could miss out on a perfect flirting opportunity. Remember that when a woman flirts with you, it's not just cleavage being pushed towards you or puckering lips that you should be looking for, other signs include smiling, eye contact and laughing.

Flirting signs occur in a variety of forms including facial expressions, body movement and conversation. A flirting sign can range from winking to the way in which you speak and often you may not even realise you are performing a flirting sign.

The first thing a woman will look for is a warm friendly smile, so the importance of smiling while flirting cannot be underestimated. A smile shows that you are a friendly guy and approachable. A facial expression comprises of many other flirting signs including; winking, plenty of eye contact, an extended gaze, biting lips, exposing your teeth, touching your face, running your fingers through your hair, reddened skin tone, an arched eyebrow and of course that all important smile. An obvious flirting sign to perform is a wink, often best suited to being used across a room. Some women find winking cheesy, but others are flattered to be winked at and it can be just as effective as a smile, although if you overdo it you may end up looking like you have an eye irritation. Another obvious flirting sign is holding the gaze with your flirting partner a little longer than usual. This gives you the opportunity to see if they are looking at you, but try not to stare. As with winking, if you overuse any of these facial expression flirting signs, you could end up looking daft. Use them in moderation and only use a couple of them. Choose the signs you feel most comfortable using and practice them by looking at yourself in a mirror, even if it makes you feel silly.

It is important that you keep your posture as tall as possible while flirting, whether you are sitting down or standing. A tall firm posture will show that you are confident and will also make you feel confident, as well as help to show off your masculine physique. Your body movement can give away many flirting signs, again without you even realising it. These include; holding your chest outwards, sitting facing a woman with your legs open, leaning towards a woman while maintaining eye contact, touching a woman's hand/arm/shoulder/thigh, copying their body movement, offering to place food in their mouth, exposing the palm of your hand, playing with your hands and possibly their hands and rubbing your wrists up and down. If you choose to casually touch a woman you are flirting with on the arm, hand, shoulder or thigh, make sure she is comfortable with you doing so and don't overdo it otherwise you risk her becoming uncomfortable. As with the facial expressions, use these body movements in moderation otherwise you risk appearing anxious and uncomfortable. Simply select a handful of these signs and practice them. It is advised to only use the signs that feel natural to you and you feel comfortable using.

While flirting with a woman who is obviously feeling sexy and giving you lots of flirting signs including pushing her breasts in your direction and exposing some flesh from her thigh, remember that she may only be flirting and not necessarily looking for a sexual encounter. Sometimes people, both men and women, give the impression they are only after one thing, but this is not always the case. Some people don't realise when they are taking flirting a bit too far, so it is usually best to be a little reserved at first, at least until you know the other person a bit better.

Conversation should be kept to topics you enjoy and are interested in. Although it is advised to avoid deep conversations such as politics and religion, it doesn't really matter what you talk about as long as you are both enjoying the discussion. While flirting with a woman you may find yourself copying the tone and speed of her voice and find yourself laughing at what she says, possibly slightly more than usual. Also, if you are in a group of people and you wish to talk to a particular woman, you will find yourself singling her out and specifically aiming questions at her. On the other hand, if you find you are being singled out then you are being flirted with by her. If you find yourself laughing a lot at what a woman is saying, try to tone it down a little otherwise you may give the impression of not taking the flirting moment seriously and not actually listening to what they say.

Flirting is all about finding a balance between going overboard with the flirting signs and appearing completely uninterested. It is also about reading the signs of the person you are flirting with. Whichever flirting signs you choose to use, the most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun. The more you practice these flirting signs, the more natural flirting will become to you and will hopefully result in you having many successful dates.

Deborah has been the head copy writer for Completely Free Dating for over 2 years offering help and advice to its members on all aspects of dating. Completely Free Dating is a free online dating service for people living in the UK, with absolutely no charges to any member at any time for any service.

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